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Building the Garage Area

Garage Design

The garage area was design to hold the electrics, water storage and pumps, rear shower head and be finished out so it could be washed down. I also wanted it to be rugged enough to stand up to quite heavy use and support the full sized bed above.

Again I used SketchUp to plan the build which would include:

  • An area to hold the batteries, inverter, solar charger, 12V and 240V fuse boxes.

  • Water tank.

  • Water pump and expansion unit

  • Rear shower head

I purchased a pre-made bed frame online and fitted it to the main structure of the van. I then began to build a wooden structure that would sit beneath the frame and protect the rear wheel arches. I also built cabinets and installed the batteries, electricals, water pump and expansion unit.

I laid all the necessary cabling and water pipes before plating the frame with ply. I cut a hole in the sidewall ply and fitted the rear shower head. I spray-glued vulcanised rubber matting to the floor and partially up the walls and sealed the joints to make it waterproof. Then I applied aluminium L edging to all areas that needed protection. Wherever ply was still exposed I applied carpet. Probably a bit over-the-top but I was pleased with the outcome.

Next stage: fitting windows, fans and solar panels


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