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Welcome to my first van build blog!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hi and welcome to my van build blog. During the COVID lockdown period I decided to build my own campervan and this is a record of how I got on.

Before starting this project I had no expertise or experience in building a campervan but embarked on it to occupy my time, gain practical skills and provide a self-contained travel vehicle for doing the things I like best – hillwalking, art, photography and travel.

Over however many posts it takes, I hope to show how I tackled the various tasks involved in converting a panel van to a campervan which include design, strip out, soundproofing/insulation, electrics/solar, windows/fans, plumbing, gas and joinery. Again, I should say I started this project with no experience but gleaned a lot of information, hints and tips from the internet. When I show the completed campervan, hopefully you can tell me how I could do it better next time ... if there is a next time!

Hopefully by writing this blog might give someone the impetus to do it themselves. At the end of the day it's just a bit of fun... and hard work!

So again welcome and I hope you find the following Vanbuild blog useful.

PS. I build the campervan in the way I thought best and would, in no way, expect this blog to be taken as a manual. Each to their own...

Quick Links

  1. Design and planning

  2. Rip out and preparation

  3. Insulation, sound proof and first fit

  4. Windows, fans and solar

  5. Electrics and plumbing

  6. LPG and Truma boiler

  7. Furniture build

  8. Finishing touches


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