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Finishing Touches

Respray and Bodywork Makeover

Getting all the bodywork repaired and giving the van a new colour scheme was the final stage. I contacted a local boyshop and they did a fantastic job. I supplied them with a drawing of how I wanted the van resprayed and we agreed the colours.

Design for the painter work and specified colours
Design for the painter work and specified colours

The final bodywork and paintwork job looked great.

The final bodywork and paintwork

Other Things to Consider

A few other items that can be considered are passenger swivel chairs, a custom made mattress and fitting an awning. There are many options available to convert you passenger seats so that they can swivel. It involves adding a revolving plate which sits between the seat base and the seats themselves. The only difficulty with fitting this to my van was the electrical wire which monitored whether seatbelts were being worn had to be extended slightly.

There are many types and sizes of awnings too. I chose Fiamma which. Attaching the brackets was a relatively easy job but lifting the awning up onto the brackets requires at least three people.

Having a good sleep was going to be crucial especially if a lot of driving was being done. So I had a custom, thick memory foam mattress made. I searched online and there are many companies that do this and the price is comparative to buying a standard mattress on the high street.

Changing the DVLA Classification

It's now time to take some pictures of you work and send them off to the DVLA to have the classification of your van changed to reflect its new use. If you search online and go to the DVLA site there is a description and checklist of you have to do.

So that was the completed campervan. It was now time to go on the first adventure.


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